Industrial Films & Bags

Davis-Standard, LLC is the industry leader in developing innovative technology for large and wide blown film systems for industrial film and bag applications. There is no better blown film extruder for high output and low melt temperature than the MAC extruder with the DSB®II feedscrew. This extruder, specifically for blown film, leads to the best and most consistent melt quality (temperature uniformity to 2 degrees F and pressure variation <1%), which is necessary to achieve uniformity from large dies. Blown film die systems can oscillate up to 1.2 meters in diameter or remain stationary up to 2.1 meters in diameter. These systems produce controlled property films at wide widths with flat rolls.

Typical Specifications

Applications Industrial overwraps, jumbo bags, pallet hoods
Widths 2 to 5 meters 80 to 200 inches
Line Speeds Up to 100 mpm Up to 350 fpm
Thickness Range 20 to 300 micron 0.8 to 12 mil
Finished Roll Diameter Up to 1.5 meters Up to 60 inches
Output 1000 to 2300 kg/hr 2000 to 5000 pph
Coextrusion Mono, three and five layer systems
Features Gusseting and folding, MAC extruders, DSB® screws, Centrex dies, WesJet TPC air ring, surface and dual turret winders, small and large roll winders, full automation