Global Access to Local Aftermarket Parts and Service


Davis-Standard’s global offering of equipment upgrades, spare parts and service provide optimum performance for your extrusion equipment. By listening to customers and observing market trends, we offer access to the latest aftermarket equipment and extruder refurbishing services.


Whether you need to add new capabilities or upgrade existing equipment, Davis-Standard offers spare parts and modernization packages to support cost-effective results with a fast turnaround. These include current drives and controls as well as a menu of services to keep production efficiency a priority.


Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our service technicians are experts at addressing extruder parts inquiries and solving emergency service issues. Find a service location near you.


How can we help you?


Die and Head Upgrades – We supply die and head upgrades for a variety of processes including crossheads for the wire and cable industry, in-line spiral dies for the pipe industry, and medical dies. Each head is engineered and manufactured by Davis-Standard to meet your process requirement.


Feedscrew Services for Replacement and Rebuilding – Our feedscrews range from 1/2 inch (20mm) to 12 inches (305mm) in diameter with various L/D. Our screw designs are recognized worldwide for superior performance and mixing qualities. For feedscrew rebuilds, we engineer the screw back to its original performance characteristics. We also polish and chrome plate our screws to accommodate food-grade PVC polishing, or hard chrome for industrial requirements. 


Gearcase Retrofit Package – We offer a complete gearcase retrofits to ensure your line maintains optimal processing efficiency and high outputs. 


Process Control Upgrades – Our process control upgrades and replacements include everything from discrete temperature control heat panels to full-featured EPIC™ control systems. Most panel replacements take less than a day.  


L/D Conversions – A longer L/D adds versatility to expand capabilities. We have a variety of conversion packages to cost-effectively upgrade the L/D of an existing extruder.


Air-to-Water Conversion Packages – Water-cooled extruder conversions offer better temperature control than air-cooling when ambient temperature has no effect on the process. These packages are available for extruders from 1 ½-inch to 6 inches (40 to 150mm).


Internal Diameter Increase (IDI) Conversion – Increasing the extruder’s diameter can increase production capacity. For IDI conversions, our technicians replace the barrel, feed section, screw and breaker plate at your plant. Everything else remains the same.


Total Line Upgrades – When a full upgrade is needed – extruder through downstream equipment – we have the capabilities to provide a complete overhaul with a short turnaround. We will dismantle and rebuild your entire system at one of our facilities. We then test all components to ensure smooth installation.


Contact Us to learn more about how Davis-Standard’s aftermarket equipment and service will provide years of reliable and efficient operation.

We are proud to offer a one-stop, parts and service center for maintaining, reconditioning and retrofitting your machinery. Think of us as your extrusion partner for the life cycle of your equipment. Around the clock and around the globe, we offer:

  • 24-hour, seven days a week emergency breakdown service and troubleshooting
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Machine audits to ensure optimal productivity and quality
  • Operator and maintenance training
  • Equipment installation and relocation


Extensive Parts Inventory

We maintain a vast selection of mechanical and electrical spare parts inventories ranging from feedscrews and barrels to thermocouples, heaters and motors.


24/7 Customer Service

We believe you should have access to a person when you have a problem. Our service technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to handle emergency parts inquiries and service needs.


Timely Response

In-stock parts can be shipped within one business day. When emergencies happen, we will work with you to get your machinery up and running as soon as possible.


Technical Capabilities

Comprised of mechanical and electrical engineers with a wealth of industry experience, you can be sure that our service technicians understand the intimate mechanics of extrusion processing and computer controls.


Personalized Service

Our customer service personnel are available to you at all times. We offer single-source responsibility so you can come directly to us with any equipment question or issue. We also keep your data on electronic file to readily assist with spare parts quickly and easily. Do not hesitate to call if you need assistance with:

  • Coordinating parts shipments
  • Identifying correct mechanical and electrical components
  • Requesting on-site service by a technician
  • Installation support including testing, calibrating and starting machinery systems
  • Spare parts service
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Equipment retrofits
  • Equipment service

We want your Davis-Standard equipment to provide years of reliable and efficient service long after installation.

Lost production means lost profit. That’s why our global spare parts service is organized to ensure the right part is delivered as quickly as possible. Our spare parts team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help identify and secure parts for your equipment. We support all Davis-Standard equipment brands, regardless of age. We keep equipment records in accessible online files and maintain a significant parts inventory to address requests quickly and accurately. We also offer an online spare parts system to provide another option for addressing time-sensitive parts issues.


If you are making a new inquiry it is helpful, but not necessary, to have the following information:

  • Shop Order Number or
  • Part Number and/or name


Payment Options

Davis-Standard accepts:

  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Visa
  • in addition to company purchase orders

Maximizing the performance and value of your Davis-Standard equipment investment is our aftermarket goal. This includes supporting non Davis-Standard brands. Our 24/7 service hotline, extensive spare parts inventory, and on-site technical services help customers avoid costly downtime and boost productivity. Equipment and feedscrew upgrades, gearbox retrofits, L/D conversions, advanced drives and controls are available to support new system performance without a new system price. We also offer training courses and seminars to support operator performance and system efficiency.


Supported brands include:

Betol™ Harrel®
Black Clawson Converting Machinery, Inc.™ Hartig
Circonix Technologies HES
Clipper Machines™ Kabel Teknik Ltd.                         
Davis-Standard® Killion™
DS Brookes, Ltd. KU-KA-MA
Egan® Merritt™
ER-WE-PA™ NRM Extrusion®
Francis Shaw Repiquet
Floataire Sterling™
Gloucester Engineering